Apr 252012

I would’ve categorized this as “News” but…really? “News”?! I received this email the other day from a local radio station and it was entitled:



Here’s a quote from the note:

“A whole new world…” That’s what the legendary Joe Walsh told me as he described life as a sober Rock star. He’s feeling great, and we couldn’t be happier for him. I thought you might want to see the chat I had with Joe…”

Lots of questions come to mind after receiving this email and watching the video.

  1. Who cares? Seriously. Good for Joe but is this “Breaking News” worthy? Even coming from a radio station it doesn’t feel like a big-whoop to me. “Joe Walsh Dies” would be breaking news. “Joe Walsh Has a Sex Change Operation” could also be breaking news… And if it is breaking newsworthy then it begs the question: whoa, how much effing booze has this dude downed?
  2. He says in the video interview that he got sober in 1994. Did I hear that right? So that would be 18 years ago. I’m not a Joe Walsh follower and am not an Eagles fan but if this is right then what about “Joe Walsh is Sober” is breaking in any way?
  3. 1994. Feels like that is about 14—15 years too late anyhoo. Just me?
  4. Joe looks to be wearing a Joy Division t-shirt based on the Unknown Pleasures cover. WTF? This is in fact the most newsworthy piece of information to me.

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