Apr 042013


With all the recent threads about Mod’s hate/acceptance of ’80s music, we have neglected to fully discuss the style implications of Mod’s musical choices. (Haircut 100? With their short-on-the-sides-but-long-on-top hair, leg warmers, and prodigious use of artfully draped scarves, this is a band flaunting the styles which Mod has previously railed against.) However, I save that for another day…

What I can offer is this: a thread that I believe 99% of us can get behind. The link/post below provides an opportunity for us to

  1. Learn a little about the incredibly stressful work of a graphic artist
  2. Pat ourselves on the back about what would be our knowledgable and artistic visual choices
  3. Recall some music from the past (if anyone has actually listened to any of these bands or albums, please speak up)
  4. Snicker a little.

Let us all now come together and enjoy this:

Mar 062013

I didn’t know Paul Revere & The Raiders were allowed to be seen in public in anything but those stupid Revolutionary War outfits they’re known for wearing. Those things always bummed me out, even when I was a kid who couldn’t get enough of The Band‘s practically Civil War get-up. To this day, when I hear the music of Paul Revere & The Raiders I bob my head and think, These guys were good! These guys were underrated! As soon as I see them in costume, however, I discount their musical achievements.

Townsman diskojoe passed along this YouTube clip, two thirds of which is a 1969 televised lip-syncing performance from Where the Action Is. For the first time ever I get to see the band in groovy civilian clothing, and their music is so much more enjoyable to not only hear but watch. Better yet, as diskojoe pointed out, midway through “Out on the Road” (3:07 mark), Dan Ackroyd‘s Tom Snyder, Catherine O’Hara‘s Lola Heatherton, and an unidentified third go-go dancer storm the stage as if they were beamed in from that space hippie planet from Star Trek.

Watch this clip carefully and you won’t be disappointed in its wealth of intra-band knowing glances and grins. Those of you who know Townsman sethro, my close personal friend, longtime drummer, AND dentist, will recognize his patriotic father banging the skins!

Feb 152013
Groovy, baby!

Groovy, baby! (Click photo for full-size view.)

As we learn during Once and For All February, some rock debates have taken years to settle. Here’s one that has been debated hotly but not been resolved: Who’s Britain’s Best-Dressed Pop Star?

The nominees are right here in this photo: Brian Jones, Ronnie Lane, and George Harrison! (Apologies to Paul Weller.)

Who's Britain's Best-Dressed Pop Star?

  • Brian Jones (53%, 16 Votes)
  • George Harrison (40%, 12 Votes)
  • Ronnie Lane (7%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 30

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Feb 112013

“We Are Young,” the big hit song from fun., isn’t that bad. I can handle the kidz digging it. It’s upbeat. It’s hopeful. It’s over the top in a way that Queen already got me used to hearing and at least appreciating in my youth. I heard an interview with the band last year, and I could stomach that as well. They seemed like nice guys.

Beside some other song my younger son likes by them that sounds like Paul Simon’s “Cecilia” I’d never heard another lick of their music nor seen them perform. While flipping channels last night I stumbled across their performance on the GRAMMYS. This is all I watched of last night’s GRAMMYS.


The band’s collective Flock of Seagulls Look was not appealing to me, but I could laugh about it. I’m not one to spot poor pitch, but I felt the singer was way sharp on a number of notes. Earlier yesterday I heard U2’s “New Year’s Day” on the radio and thought to myself, “For as frequently as I’m subjected to hearing this song and for all the emotion Bono is exuding I should like this song just a little by now.” I find “New Year’s Day” completely boring, but at least Bono seems to hit his notes. Whatever, it wasn’t like the fun. singer hitting his notes would have made this Styx-like song any better.

The one thing I could not get beyond was the singer’s clam-digger jeggings. Come on, man, that’s a bad Look! I hate the ’80s. I’d like to punch that entire decade in the face.

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Feb 052013

Let’s kick off Once and For All February with a subject that hits on a large segment of the Hall’s demographic, involving a favorite band, Rock Superpowers, and the all-important issues of Look. Let’s determine—once and for allThe Beatles’ Coolest Collective Look.

The nominees and the RTH People’s Poll follow…after the jump!

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Jan 092013

Watching this video over breakfast today made me nostalgic for my rockin’ high school hairdo. Maybe some of you reading this are still in high school or still rocking your high school ‘do. Some might say that, minus a few brush strokes under  a blow dryer, my hairdo has barely changed. What rockin’ hairdo best represents your past glories?


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