Apr 202010

“Good effort, but, like, they totally got the details wrong!”

I’ve yet to hear this new record by indie supergroup Sweet Apple (two members of Cobra Verde, J. Mascis, and one of Mascis’ bandmates in Witch), but I appreciated the tribute-style album cover the first time I saw it. I’m a Cobra Verde fan, so I’ll be picking up this album for more than one obvious reason.

However, soon after appreciating this album cover and determining that the women were lacking some of the charms of the models on Roxy Music‘s Country Life, I began to wonder whether I should don the patented RTH Pince Nez and critique all the details missed from the original album cover. Then, even sooner thereafter, I thought I should invite my fellow Townspeople to join in this critique. So put down your latest issue of Cat Fancy, blow your nose, pick up your monacle, and see if you can help me identify the key missing details that separates the women from the girls, in this case, when it comes to paying tribute to one of rock’s all-time greatest album covers.

I look forward to your respectful, family friendly analysis.

Aug 072009

Recently I had the pleasure of being contracted to design the art for the latest release by Philly phaves, Nixon’s Head. The Enemies List (available for purchase here) cover was an exercise of almost pure creativity. Listening and then designing.

The back cover though was a joy for different reasons. The band wanted the back to be a take on the back of The Beatles Rubber Soul. (I derive an odd pleasure from finding/duplicating just the right font.)

This got me thinking about album parodies and more specifically album backs. There are loads and loads of album parodies. Not the least of which include Townsman mrclean’s band, The Dead Milkmen’s Smokin’ Banana Peels cover:

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