Jul 272009

I’ve got something to confess. Although I’m known for my fair-balanced impersonal moderation of Rock Town Hall, there are times in which I struggle to maintain my balance, times when I need to catch myself and say, Hey, it’s about them, not me! Last night was one of those times.

I had the following post ready to load, until a force that’s hard to explain made me think better of it. It’s not enough that I thought better of posting what I wanted to post; I feel compelled to share with you the depths to which I almost sunk…after the jump!
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Mar 112009

I mentioned this in passing the other day but felt strongly enough about it that I was compelled to jump up on the Main Stage and make my apology loud and clear.

[clear throat and project]

Fountains of Wayne: I am sorry. I am sorry that I called you one of the biggest drop offs in rock. I am sorry that I have gone out of my way to say that following your self-titled debut, you sucked hard.

I was wrong and I’m sorry.

It’s just that, well, I loved your first album so much and your second one, Utopia Parkway, sucked so bad that I chucked you over the cliff. I gave up and bad mouthed you to anyone that would listen.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by throwing XTC over the cliff after Nonesuch only to come crawling back to Apple-Venus vol. 1.

But nooooooooo.

I recently heard Bright Future in Sales on the radio and thought I’d give you another shot. You see, I wanted to keep loving you but it was just so hard after what felt like a betrayal.
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Sep 092008

In the last week we were reminded of The Great 48‘s admission that he’s yet to hear John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band album. We also learned that Hrrundivbakshi was just aboutt to pop his Four Seasons’ Genuine Imitation Life cherry. If you’ll recall, HVB even found an old quote from John Lennon, who praised the album at the time of its release.

Speaking of albums Lennon (and McCartney) praised, just a few minutes ago, while researching another possible topic, I was reminded that I’ve never heard Nilsson‘s debut album, Pandemonium Shadow Show. The album cover alone should have been reason for me to check out this album, but I’ve long been afraid of digging too deeply into anything by Nilsson. Don’t ask me why; I’m not sure that I understand it myself, although his album of Randy Newman covers helped me finally give Newman a fairer shake.

We rightfully pride ourselves on our dedication to knowing all there is to know about all that’s worth knowing in rock ‘n roll. We need to know these things to conduct the high-level, in-depth discourse that brings us to the Halls of Rock. However, I’m sure we all have a shocking gap in our accumulated rock knowledge. This is your chance to step forward and confess to not ever having heard an album over which rock nerds typically take pride in flaunting their educated opinion.

You are forgiven.

Aug 072008

Time to ‘fess up. I clearly have no qualms about laying it all out for ya so I’ll start.

I discovered The Sonics via the Nissan SUV (I think) commercial. I also discovered Chris Knox (Tall Dwarfs) via the Heineken commercial that uses It’s Love. The Knox album on eMusic (Beat) has a definite Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy vibe.

I Wanna Look Like Darcy Clay

I confessed. I am at one with god.

What say you?


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