Jul 262011

A while ago I got flamed for my support of the Live at Glassgow version of Paul McCartney‘s “Coming Up” being the better version (over the one-man band take), but you guys were up in arms over my support of the Wings Over America version of “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Truth is Faces did the best version of this song, IMO.

Last month there was a contest to see who could do the best cover of this song. (Damn, I wish I’d had time to put my version together for submission!)

Here’s the deal: Paul needs the Hall’s help in selecting a winner. Visit Paul’s YouTube page to judge the entrants for yourself. Share your favorite links to specific videos and your comments in this thread. Paul’s reading. He cares about what you have to say.

And remember: If you can’t say anything nice

Jul 192011

I got my Spotify account notice this afternoon and set it up about an hour ago (free version). Every song I tried to play was available (including our friends Thin Lizzy) and I have yet to hear a commercial. Sound quality is fantastic. It also went through my iTunes and added all of my music for use in playlists. This blows Pandora out of the water (and I am a big Pandora Fan, my Badfinger Station logs many hours at work).

Dylan was the only artist that had restrictions that I ran into. I could play songs that I had on my computer, but there was very little available outside of these records.

…and no Beatles. George Harrison has just Cloud Nine and Brainwashed…OK, I am finding SOME holes in their collection.

Anyone else have this?

Jun 162011

Rolling Stone reports that Metallica and Lou Reed have teamed up for a full-length record. (LP, CD, release—what do we call this now??)

“A marriage made in heaven,” Reed says in his first interview about the project, in the studio lounge during a break. “I knew it from the first day we played together: ‘Oh, man, this is perfection, right in front of me.’ “

This will surely be the best-selling Lou Reed record in decades, and it does give Metallica some artistic credibility, I guess.

Mostly this will be another bizarre chapter in the musical life of our Lou.

Jun 122011

I have been going to see concerts since I was 13 (well 11if you count being at a Chicago concert, though we were on the other side of the park and could hear but did not see them). Since then I always gave my dad a hard time about not seeing the great  ’60s and ’70s bands in their prime. His excuses were (1) The Draft and (2) the expense of concert tickets in NYC when you have 2 infants (so basically MY fault). He missed The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Allman Bros/Dead at the racetrack 5 miles from our house, Bruce, The Who, Steely Dan, Dylan‘s Rolling Thunder, etc. Shame on you old man, but thanks for taking care of your kids too!

So at 14 or so my brother and I decided that we would see EVERY band that came to town. And we stuck to it for many years. I have been able to check off just about every major band that has toured in my lifetime that I had any desire to see (oh, and Britney Spears, who I saw anyway).

My bucket list is down to 5 artists, and I just heard that 2 of them will be in my area this year:

  • Brian Wilson (Gershwin show I think)
  • Neil Young  (Buffalo Springfield added 30 shows to their tour this fall)

Still left….

  • Ozzy
  • Prince
  • David Bowie

They all tour and  have been to Atlanta, Just missed them for one reason or another. Did I miss ALL of them in their prime? Certainly, but I feel like I have completed 95% of the rock and roll crossword puzzle and need these last 5 crossed off.

I never saw Oasis, and of course they are broken up and I’ve had people say I really missed out on Radiohead. As far as big acts (not counting Rap, R&B acts, some of the Metal bands that I did not like until much later). It would be hard to stump me.

PS – I had a ticket for Michael Jackson with The Jacksons (victory Tour) but got a soccer-related concussion and missed the show. My family told me that I was there and kept this lie for many months before they finally told me that I did actually miss the show. I had a T-shirt and everything.

Jun 082011

Rolling Stone magazine, after giving Lady Gaga crap for selling 440,000 of her 1.1million CDs last week through Amazon.com at a slashed price of $0.99 (for the whole record, not a single), are now giving her crap for only selling 74,000 this week (all at $10–$18 per disc, I assume). And it’s STILL #1.

I also think it’s cheating. So is a “free download” with your concert ticket (a-hem..Bon Jovi, Prince) or a CD included in the local newspaper (guilty again, Prince), although the claim on all three is that they charged the full rate on their end and there is no law against a loss-leader at the retail level.

So Gaga sells Born This Way to Amazon for $9.00 and Amazon instead of selling it for $11.99 sells it for $0.99. $8.01 loss per downloaded record x 440,000 = $3.5 million dollars. That’s a big single-day loss!

OK, Maybe they got the “Gaga Special” and paid only $6 per download – $0.99 = $5.01 x 440,000 = $2.2 million dollars. Still a big loss. Can’t see that being the whole story.

I smell a rat. Continue reading »

Jun 032011

Cougar Town!

I heard a great story about TV’s Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence (also creator of Scrubs and Spin City) on Howard Stern yesterday. He wants to change the name of his 3-year-old show because he thinks that name turns so many people off (both men and women) and has kept it from being as successful as it could/should be.

He has a Twitter campaign to create a new name for this show and added a questionnaire asking, “Are you embarrassed to admit you like Cougar Town because of the name?” He plans to go to his network with this data and request that they change the name of his show for the 2011-2012 TV season.

Sucky rock band names are all over rock radio (esp. College Rock radio) but you never see a band dump their name once they get to the big leagues.

Is there a band that you can not admit to liking because of their name?

Is there a band that you never gave a chance due to their name? (and that later you ended up liking?)

Feel free to come up with a new name for said band and we may just campaign for a name change on their behalf.


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