May 112012

I’d forgotten about this little hit song of Dave Edmunds, “Slipping Away.” It’s got a lot in common with one of ELO’s last hit songs, “Don’t Bring Me Down.” That song and this Edmunds production by ELO’s Jeff Lynne set the stage for a decade of constipated production jobs by Lynne for already established tight-ass artists Edmunds, George Harrison, and Tom Petty. I don’t necessarily dislike the records Lynne produced for these artists, man, get these guys some bran muffins!

Mar 292012

Name the owner of these famous rock boobs for extra credit

Somebody pointed me in the direction of this fascinating web page yesterday:

It purports to show, in graphic detail, what body parts are most often celebrated through song, across a wide range of musical genres. Some of the preferred parts will come as no surprise (I bet you can guess what part is most often name-checked in a typical hip-hop number). But I was quite surprised to find no apparent love for breasts. You know, knockers. Gazongas. Jugs. Jubblies. Etcetera.

That got me thinking about songs that actually refer to boobs… and, other than ZZ Top‘s single-entendre masterpiece “Pearl Necklace” (which never really mentions boobs directly) I came up pretty empty. Can you think of any?

I look forward to your responses.


Mar 132012

Recently we received the following offlist message in regard to our long-running investigation into the validity of ZZ Top‘s supposed Worldwide Texas Tour. Although not directly confirmed, this third-hand account, verified by our anonymous reporter, may lend some credence to claims of this suspect tour, which no one seems to have captured by a clear photograph or snippet of film.

Dear Mr. Mod,

While hanging out with our daughters at the playground today with my friend Charlie and I started talking about music, as we usually do, in this case large arena shows. I mentioned that I’d never been to rock show in a venue which seated more than 2500 or so people and he said that was the case for him as well, at least in the last thirty or so years. In his youth however, in Des Moines, he used to go to all the big rock shows at Veterans Auditorium, the largest venue in Des Moines. He listed several bands he saw and then, to my surprise, said, “I never saw ZZ Top, but I remember my friend Jay going and telling me that they brought a longhorn steer out on to the stage, and I was pissed because I thought that would have been cool to see.” I did a double take, and then asked him to repeat what he had said, and he confirmed that in the mid-to-late-1970s, a friend of his said he saw ZZ Top perform with a longhorn steer on stage.

Now I’m not sure where the ZZ Top cattle on stage debate was last left, but as a historian, I find this pretty compelling evidence, considering Charlie hasn’t spoken to the person who told him this story in over thirty years.

For what it’s worth,

[name withheld]


Rhythm Beard

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Jan 312012
Grown To Catch Spills

Built To Spill, featuring Doug Martsch on Lead Beard (Foreground) and Brett Nelson on Rhythm Beard (Background)

Any long-term follower of discussions in the Hall will note the ongoing importance of discussing Look as a factor in the success of musical acts. Today, we’re exploring a lesser known but nonetheless important Look phenomenon: The Rhythm Beard. Continue reading »

Jan 192012

Breaking news, courtesy of Townsman diskojoe (and his friend), who writes:

A friend of mine sent me the following link to an interview of ZZ Top by Andy Kershaw of the BBC in 1987 & there’s something interesting @ the 4:50-5:00 mark when the drummer, the beardless one named Beard was asked why they didn’t tour outside the US:


Prior to that.

Perhaps the first RTH post directly on the subject.

Dec 102011

I am a bit of a turdhunter. The pursuit of miserably failed works by certain sincerely beloved artists gives me a degree of pleasure and a sense of understanding of the human condition. Lou Reed is the artist whose trail I am as likely to follow for his steaming turds as I am his increasingly spare pearls of street-savvy rock ‘n roll. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out that my close personal friend Townsman hrrundivbakshi continues to follow his man Prince for the same reason. There’s something to be learned from the corn-studded turds of a particular artist.

Are you or have you ever been a turdhunter? Who’s your prey? What piece of dung by said artist gave you the most meaningful insight?


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