Jul 222015


I cracked open the gatefold sleeve of my recent purchase of Eric Burdon & War‘s Black Man’s Burdon and was greeted by this NSFW image. I was quickly reminded of a dozen other album covers featuring tasteful (and no-so-tasteful) nude shots, the most obvious being Roxy Music‘s Country Life.* With those 2 entries now out of the way, my guess is that there will easily be another 98 tastefully nude album covers for Rock Town Hall participants to identify, maybe 198 more. Front cover, back cover, and gatefold spread count. Inside record sleeves/CD booklets do not.

What do you say? Feel free to include a link to your entry, and as always, please discipline yourself to one entry per post (although your number of posts is unlimited). Go!

*Regarding the definition of “nudity” for purposes of this thread, although the models on the cover of Country Life are partially clothed and attempt to tastefully covering themselves, enough nipple and pubic hair are left visible to qualify. For purposes of this discussion, a cover showing nothing more than cleavage, side- or under-boob, butt cheeks with thong, or the clothed outline of an erect penis will NOT be considered. On the other hand, fully unclad (head to toe) cover models who tastefully keep their privates private qualify. However, simply tastefully topless (with naughty bits covered) shots will be open to debate.

Jan 162015

Miserable old farts of Rock Town Hall, in today’s Last Man Standing I want to test our collective ability to identify the friends of Sleater-Kinney appearing in their sing-along video for “No Cities to Love,” the title track from the magically reunited (and as powerful as ever) band. Here’s the deal:

  1. As with any Last Man Standing, please limit yourself to one entry per post. In other words, DON’T BOGART THIS THREAD.
  2. Please don’t cheat. You’ve been known for your honesty and integrity in these Last Man Standing competitions over the years; this is a sterling opportunity to show the world that you have maintained those high standards.
  3. Feel free to add commentary regarding the Friend of S-K you have identified, including your thoughts on his or her performance, their own body of work, or something as petty as the individual’s Look.

I look forward to you helping me identify the few Friends of S-K I’m unable to identify. First Townsperson to inspire the return of Alexmagic gets a special prize.

Nov 122014


During my recent, first trip to England (for work), which culminated in a free day and a half to myself running through the streets of London, I was immediately struck by how many locations I’d only dreamed of in song surrounded me. Most likely just as many New York locations pop up in popular song, but I didn’t grow up with much mystery over our largest city, situation just 90 miles up the turnpike from my hometown, A good part of my mad dash through London was structured around hitting spots I only knew through music, yet everywhere I turned 3 other locations cited in songs appeared. Beyond the above-ground locations, which I won’t mention for fear of giving away answers in this finite Last Man Standing, song references even flew by me as I rode the London Underground. The following link will bring you to a map of the London Underground system. For this week’s Last Man Standing, how many tube stations can we find cited in song?



Oct 142014

In the recent discussion of the music of Gordon Lightfoot, I made a reference to Jackson C. Frank, who released only 1 album, which was produced by Paul Simon (whose birthday just happened to pass).

The album leads off with his song, “Blues Run the Game.”

Although this song mentions the blues, it is not a blues song in its structure or style. But the blues do run this particular game of Last Man Standing: How many songs can we name that are about, or mention, the blues, although they are not actually in that genre? I can think of 4. Let’s see if you all can name those songs and more.

Jul 112014


I just learned that one of my all-time favorite rock ‘n rollers has gone by a stage name throughout his professional life. I had no idea his surname at birth was not actually the surname I know him by. I assume he took his surname in honor of a poet. For purposes of this possibly 3-entry Last Man Standing, he will qualify. He uses a stage name and it at least happens to be the same as a famous poet. I’m not going to tell you who I have in mind. I won’t even list the most obvious rocker who fits this LMS’ criteria (an artist who’s stage surname is taken from a poet’s first name) for fear of exhausting the handful of possible entries.

As always, limit yourself to one entry per post. Let’s get it on!

Jun 062014
Combat Rock!

Combat Rock!

This week’s Last Man Standing seeks artists in military garb. A link to the photo or video demonstrating the artist dressed for battle will be helpful but is not necessary. As always, please limit your entry to 1 response per post. The goal is to compile as many artists in military garb as possible, collectively, then to stand atop the heap of useless information with the last answer any of the brilliant minds in the Halls of Rock could fathom.

This LMS was inspired by the anniversary of the release of a certain landmark rock album and a chance viewing of my favorite old rap video. I’ll leave it to you to cite the artists who inspired me, although I suspect the talent pool for this topic is deep! Following reasonable completion of this thread, stay tuned for at least one related foll0w-up thread.

Let the games begin!

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