Jan 062016

romeo juliet

A recent comment by Townsman Al got me thinking about song titles and more specifically lyrics about Romeo & Juliet. So for this LMS, I ask you to submit song titles or lyrics that reference Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet. One submission per post, of course.


  1. The song title or lyric can mention Romeo, Juliet or any other character in the play.
  2. The song lyric can mention the names Romeo or Juliet but only in the context of tragic or romantic characters. A song about Juliette Lewis will not be accepted, however the Walk The Moon song in Al’s comment(“my discotheque Juliet teenage dream“) is acceptable because this Juliet is used in the context of romance or desire.
  3. Any lines from the play are acceptable. Example: “star crossed lovers”, “parting is such sweet sorrow”

I’ll get the ball rolling. Deniece Williams – “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” has the lyrics “..maybe he’s no Romeo, but he’s my lovin’ one man show”.

Oct 312015

Here’s another simple Last Man Standing just in time for Halloween. Name an album, song title, or lyric which contains the word “ghost”. “Spook”, “wraith”, or other synonyms for a spectral, incorporeal after-death entity will also be accepted, but “zombie”, “skeleton” or “alien” will not. Only one entry per submission, please, and decision of the judge is final. I’ll start off with the song listed on the featured picture – the Specials with “Ghost Town”. Have fun and don’t scare yourselves to death!

Oct 142015

Simple one. Name an album, song title, or lyric which contains the name of a street. Doesn’t have to be an actual street but must be in the form of an actual street. So “boulevard of broken dreams is out” but Rue Morgue Avenue – from Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” performed in the video by Nina Simone just because I stumbled upon it and like it – is in.

Standard rules. One entry at a time. Decision of the judge is final.

Sep 142015


I’m looking for the names of people mentioned in the Bible. The rules:

  1. The song must refer to an official saint or an actual person in the Bible (not just someone with the same name i.e. Abraham, Martin and John is not about the biblical Abraham).
  2. The name can only be used once.
  3. A song can only be used once.
  4. Be sure to heed the 11th commandment “Thou shall not Bogart the thread” and limit your answers to one per response.

I will start off with Abraham from “Highway 61” (“God said to Abraham ‘Kill me a son’; Abe said ‘Man, you must be putting me on…'”)

Aug 032015
Diagram this!

Diagram this!

Our recent Last Man Standing on Tastefully Nude Album Covers (at least initially) resulted in less entries than I expected. Expecting one of those long, endless LMS competitions, I prepared, in advance, this palette-cleansing LMS, which I expect will result in a tight, fierce competition, with no more than a handful of entries. Here’s the challenge:

Jul 222015


I cracked open the gatefold sleeve of my recent purchase of Eric Burdon & War‘s Black Man’s Burdon and was greeted by this NSFW image. I was quickly reminded of a dozen other album covers featuring tasteful (and no-so-tasteful) nude shots, the most obvious being Roxy Music‘s Country Life.* With those 2 entries now out of the way, my guess is that there will easily be another 98 tastefully nude album covers for Rock Town Hall participants to identify, maybe 198 more. Front cover, back cover, and gatefold spread count. Inside record sleeves/CD booklets do not.

What do you say? Feel free to include a link to your entry, and as always, please discipline yourself to one entry per post (although your number of posts is unlimited). Go!

*Regarding the definition of “nudity” for purposes of this thread, although the models on the cover of Country Life are partially clothed and attempt to tastefully covering themselves, enough nipple and pubic hair are left visible to qualify. For purposes of this discussion, a cover showing nothing more than cleavage, side- or under-boob, butt cheeks with thong, or the clothed outline of an erect penis will NOT be considered. On the other hand, fully unclad (head to toe) cover models who tastefully keep their privates private qualify. However, simply tastefully topless (with naughty bits covered) shots will be open to debate.

Jan 162015

Miserable old farts of Rock Town Hall, in today’s Last Man Standing I want to test our collective ability to identify the friends of Sleater-Kinney appearing in their sing-along video for “No Cities to Love,” the title track from the magically reunited (and as powerful as ever) band. Here’s the deal:

  1. As with any Last Man Standing, please limit yourself to one entry per post. In other words, DON’T BOGART THIS THREAD.
  2. Please don’t cheat. You’ve been known for your honesty and integrity in these Last Man Standing competitions over the years; this is a sterling opportunity to show the world that you have maintained those high standards.
  3. Feel free to add commentary regarding the Friend of S-K you have identified, including your thoughts on his or her performance, their own body of work, or something as petty as the individual’s Look.

I look forward to you helping me identify the few Friends of S-K I’m unable to identify. First Townsperson to inspire the return of Alexmagic gets a special prize.


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