Jun 102013
Let's stick together.

Let’s stick together.

A recent Rolling Stone feature on The Rolling Stones featured the 8,456,201st telling of what may be the oldest story in the book of rock: the rapprochement of the Glimmer Twins, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In my rock magazine-reading lifetime, these articles date back to the release of Some Girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story extends back a few album releases/tours earlier. The reasons for the divide shift slightly from personal/artistic- to personal/business-rooted interests as the years pass, but the narrative always drives at the same conclusions: Divided, the Stones give us the New Barbarians/X-Pensive Winos and Mick Jagger solo albums; united, the treat us to another greatest hits package, a world tour, and whatever new dirt can be scraped from surviving band members’ yellowing fingernails. For this, we give thanks and praise.

Is there an older, more frequently told story in rock than the rapprochement of Keef and Mick, and all the mixed emotions their union represents to rock’s core values?


RIP Andy Johns

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Apr 082013


He was a Great Man who engineered Exile on Main Street, The Greatest Record Ever Made.


On coming to America, from an interview on uaudio.com:

I came over here in 1970, because I was working with Jimmy Miller and he was an American who had a production company out here. The studios were a little behind the times, though. When I was mixing “Stairway to Heaven” over at Sunset Sound and I wanted to pan something, I said, “You don’t have pan pots on the channels.” They responded, “We have a pan pot. Bring on the pan pot!” They bring out this guy on a gurney, you know? A big box with a huge knob, a pan pot man. Christ, the Americans sent someone to the moon, but they only had one pan pot. It was like having one meatball. You can have all the bread you want, but only with one meatball.

Feb 242013

I am severely challenged by matters of time and space—and even the thought of looking at a map makes me dizzy—but watching the video someone made of this excerpt from The ResidentsThird Reich ‘n Roll got me thinking about rock’s coordinates, or maybe the term I’m seeking is polar forces. You know, all that stuff that has todo with latitude and longitude.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are not “opposed” to each other, in the negative connotation of that term, but they are clear points on rock ‘n roll’s map. The coordinates of our position relative to those points tells us something our about place in the rock universe, maybe even who we are.

I hope someone more geographically minded can make sense of what I’m getting at and smooth out what I know I’m getting at. When and if this makes sense, are their other pairs of artists that serve as rock’s coordinates?

Dec 182012

Type “Keith Richards wasted” into Google and this is the first image result that appears. In honor of Keef’s 69th (heh heh…) birthday, what’s your favorite WASTED Keef moment caught on film or video?

No, seriously, in honor of the man’s birthday, can we list 69 reasons we love Keef? Not 68. Not 70. 69.

As in a Last Man Standing, please limit yourself to 1 entry per post.

Nov 302012

Attention, babies.

Action Mick has asked me to relay the following statement;

Action Mick has spoken.

Yes, he refers to himself in the third-person… Below is the official RTH casting for Rolling Stones: The Movie.

Casting is closed, babies.

As you know, our new BFFs over at Simon & Schuster, actually S&S imprint Gallery Books, has provided The Hall with 3 copies of this new release, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger to give away. Our personal favorite review is:

Hot tub reading at its very tingliest.
– National Post

Click here to read more about the book.

Below the fold, as they say, are the three winners of the contest…

Nov 262012

Well, I’m glad they actually made a real video because it actually seems like they’re working. As far as Rock videos go, I think this one is pretty good, especially if you think about that Bjork video I just watched. I think they may have a different take or mix on this version, too. The guitars sound more bitey and I like this a lot more than I did a few weeks ago. Oh, there’s brief boobity in it, so it may not be safe for work.

Nov 052012

No Expectations babies

Our new BFFs over at Simon & Schuster, actually S&S imprint Gallery Books, has provided The Hall with 3 copies of this new release to give away. Our personal favorite review is:

Hot tub reading at its very tingliest.
— National Post

Click here to read more about the book.

So here’s how to qualify to win: Cast the movie. That’s it. Simply cast the Rolling Stones movie. You don’t even have to cast the whole thing. If your casting suggestion for just one of the roles is deemed among the 3 “best for that particular role,” you win.

The following 10 roles need to be cast. You can cast for one or all of them AND we have a TBD category. That is an 11th role to be cast that is as-of-yet undetermined. Example: Let’s say we were casting The Beatles movie and had 5 roles: John, Paul, George, and Ringo (seemingly always listed in that order) and George Martin. If there was a TBD category of your choosing you might suggest any of the following; Brian Epstein, Linda Macartney, Yoko, Magic Alex… Then if our judges were to pick your suggestion (both role and actor) then you win.

Get it? Got it? If not, post your question and an official RTH headmaster will respond.

The 10 cast members to be cast follow the jump!


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